Restoring the Voice of our Neighborhoods

Meet David

I am a political scientist, devoted community member, and Como resident seeking to bring a reasonable and independent voice to our City Council. I’ve devoted most of my professional career to public policy research and community activism, and I have a long record of success in what I have done. I am also proudly Peruvian-Minnesotan. I look forward to contributing my background and experiences to support my community, and to get St. Paul back on track.

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Why I'm Running

I’m running for council because our city needs a new voice and new ideas. St. Paul is facing some serious challenges – housing (un)affordability, crime and insecurity, an alarmingly vacant downtown, and some very serious struggles to balance the budget. This is without even mentioning the deeper challenges of homelessness, poverty, and disinvestment in our communities. We can’t continue with our current brand of insider politics; we need change.

I am running to bring an honest, independent, and reasonable voice to the council, and to address these challenges in a real way. In particular, I am running to return voice to our neighborhoods, to balance the budget responsibly, and to promote “real” affordable housing, strong public schools, and a healthy environment.

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Restore the voice of our neighborhoods

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Public Finance

Balance the budget responsibly

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Promote affordable housing, strong public schools, and a healthy environment

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Elect St. Paul's first Latino Councilmember

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